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The Automation Field commitment of P.t.f Electronics Ltd is focused on achieving reliable and innovative products. We are paying special attention to the customer and to the electronics industry needs apply to tools and automatic machines.

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Automation Field Products characteristics:

The Digital readouts are managed by powerful microcontrollers able to quickly process the information transmitted by the transducers and simplifying the functional use for the operator. Available in different models from 1 to 4 axes, all extremely adaptable and equipped with many functionalities.

The Linear Scales are equipped with high precision nets and linear thermal expansion coefficients coherent with the type of application. The useful runs reaching 30m with accuracy classes up to ± 1 micron and resolution up to 0,1μm. We attach to each linear scale, the metrology certificate test.

All encoders are strong, compact and adaptable. The wide range of models and technical specifications fully meet any application need. The casing are made of metal for an effective shielding against electromagnetic interference. The burst range is wide. The rotation speed reaches up to 64000 ppr. with max frequency. 300 kHz. We realize on demand encoder with IP 67 protection.

The encoder accessories are designed to meet some particular application installation requirements. The transmission of motion to the encoder and the transformation from circular to rectilinear motion can be realized through the connection joints, wire systems or metric wheels.

The magnetic systems are recommended for the non-contact measurement of linear displacements. The sensors have all small dimensions and the magnetic band assembling  is simple and cheap thanks to the adhesive surface. The maximum operating frequency is 300kHz and the resolutions range arrives up to 0,1μm. The maximum translation speed is 12m / s and the standard protection class is IP 67.

The THESI positioners series are available in versions with 1 or 2 axes. The main features are the high take-over speed, the wide range of specific functions and ease to use. They are used mainly in the field of machines for cutting and bending sheet metal. The axes position control can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic with a selectable resolution between 1 and 200 microns. The metal case and opto-isolated inputs make the product exempt to electromagnetic interferences.


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