Outdoor cabinet

Designed for network wiring support, with optical fibre connection.

Used into telecommunication field where the protection from atmospheric agent and heat insulation are necessaries.

Optimal Cabinet temperature control by the exclusive conditioning and ventilation  system, in extreme situations and blackout also.

The outdoor cabinet is made of painted sheet metal with extruded aluminium alloy frame
and insulating panels, ensuring total protection against dust and water jets (Protection Degree IP 65).

Provided on the internal insulation system with an isolation transformer and isolation controller (ISOLTESTER) that alerts the first ground fault without interrupting the service provided.

The internal Ups rack guarantees a service autonomy in case of blackout and it supplies the free-cooling also, assuring the correct internal temperature.

The Ups SNMP board permits the Web system monitoring with a simple and intuitive interface giving information about working parameters and the applied load.


With same technology, we realized Indoor cabinet, we personalize it according any customer needs.


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