UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - UPS DEXT Series

Output from 10 to 20KVA

Technical features
User Manual


  • The Ups Dext Series is an high technology product, built to be use in several field, from industrial to shopping centre (offices), hospital and school or in places where the high-tech is requested. It offers an “On-Line” Service together with a by-pass system.
  • Designed for load supply power with stable voltage (frequency and amplidute) and to be able to consider the transfer time equal to zero in case of blackout.  Supply power ability even to a non-linear type load. The voltage control stability is performed by microprocessor.
  • Power available from 20 to 20KVA, it has the three-phase input power and the single-phase load power. To realize high autonomy systems for computer users, Dext Series has in terminal block the possibility to connect additional batteries cabinet.
  • Tree-phase power ensures a proper current collection distributed on three-phases.
  • Silent, thanks to the possibility to connect an external SNMP board, can also be used in the office to control your own users and at home with a simple browser to internet access, you could keep informed about the situation of your system powered by your UPS.
  • In order to reduce the breakdowns, Stoke has an electronic by-pass that protects it from pick current and electromechanical by-pass that permits to have the load powered in case of failure.


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