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Energy Field

We are on the market since many years with Ups, Energy Station, Cabinet, Inverter, Stabilizers and customized applications able to meet different requirements.


  • UPS DEXT Series

    Output from 10 to 20KVA Three-phase/Three-phase
  • UPS SPOWER Series (Modular)

    Output up to 100KVA
  • SE4-3000W

    Modular Power Station 48V 4HE
  • SE3-24A150-1000W

    Modular Power Station 48V 3HE


  • Laser Cleaning Machine LF50C

    Professional Laser Cleaning Machine for surfaces
  • Laser Marking Machine MCT-LW

    Fiber Laser Marking Machine Latest Generation System
  • Laser Marking Machine MCT-PH

    Fiber Laser Marking Machine Latest Generation System
  • SDS6-3V

    Universal Digital Readout at 2 axis
  • SDS3-1

    Traditional Quota Digital Readout single-axis
  • VI900

    Multi-axis digital readout with colour LCD and touch screen
  • VI110L

    Large single-axis digital readout with magnetic sensor

Automation Field

Digital Readouts, Linear Scales, Encoders, Magnetic Systems, Positioning Devices, Automation machine tools. We design, realize and install CNC special machines, measuring systems, positioning axis check.



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