One of our aim has always been the research for the best solution to our customers needs.That's why P.T.F. ELECTRONICS has always analyzed and verified with the customer the best strategy to get the required result.

With more than thirty years of experience, P.T.F. ELECTRONICS is on the market since many years with more and more customized applications and configurations able to meet the several requirements in the fields of energy (with UPS and Power Stations) and automation (design, construction and installation of CNC special machines, measuring systems, positioning and axes control).

The solutions we propose are always made in relation to the customer, both in analysis and in the suitable choice of his current and future needs.

Even in the after-sales we are always close to the customer, to verify the proper application of our technical solutions.

Our Services

Analysis Needs and design

The first activity of our analysts is always to identify with the customer his needs and design the best hardware and software infrastructure.
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Installation and start-up

The suitable products installation and the start-up courses are the basic steps to ensure the expected results.
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Qualified Assistance

A fast and qualified support is guaranteed to the customer both of our products that products of other brands. All customer support services are provided both through hot-line and by website.
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Please feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal for any requirements.

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