Power System

The Power System is often used in the telecommunications field, supplies DC power at -24 - 48 – 132 – 144Vdc.

Applying a pack of l rechargeable batteries to the power systems, internal or external, allows a continuity of work in case of blackout also.

Available in rack or tower version, our power systems have network sinusoidal absorption that together with a 99% of power factor ensures a high efficiency and a low psophometric noise.
The Input PFC use and high frequency DC/DC converter allowing a remarkable network harmonic distorsions.

The LCD display controls the functioning parameters and it advices in real time about eventual alarms and recorded on the historic menu.

Ease and  fast maintenance in the battery compartment opening the front panel for tower version.
Thermostatically ventilation activated in case of real need only.

Extremely reliable, with high efficiency and very low costs for management and maintenance.

Special applications


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