UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - UPS MEGA Series (modular)

Output up to 250KVA

Technical features


  • The Top for the modular range. It offers that maximum as Ups.
  • From each module of 3 units only, if possible to get up to 25kva power, and the housing gate can contain up to 10.
  • Efficency 96%, an exceptional Ups in a little space less than 1 square metre!
  • As for Spower Series, the Mega one, with its modular systems minimize the inefficiences caused by function problems.
  • In case of module breakdown, the load will not have any power interruption and the fault will be automatically isolated from the controller.
  • Equipped with Controller touch screen, it provides a functional and ease to understand interface, able to give detailed information about the function of each module.
  • Dedicated module SNMP on demand, for remote Ups checking, for receiving notification by mail, each time there is a state changing, even a single module.
  • Optional Interface GPSR/SMS for receiving directly on the mobile the Ups information.


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