UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - UPS SPOWER Series (Modular)

Output up to 100KVA

Technical features


  • Modular  Ups’s high range.
  • Its parallel modular structure N+1 has an high flexibility and allows you to manage a power range between 10 and 100KVA.
  • Excellent performance with very low energy losses, together with general efficiency (AC / AC) not less than 96% and back-up (DC / AC) not less than 98%, allow to reduce operating costs .
  • Supplied with one control module only, you increase the power ones depending on the own needs, increasing each time, 10KVA (8KW), with a minimum of 10KVA up to a maximum of 100KVA.
  • Ease employment to perform maintenances of each module, without switch the system off. In case of failure you could replace the damaged module without interruptions.
  • At the bottom of modules housing, there is the Static Switch, Centralized Static Switch that allows the load automatic transfer from the inverter output to an alternative energy source.
  • Possibility to extend the autonomy system connecting several batteries unity in parallel. The batteries can housing in a same chassis to the Ups.
  • The internal SNMP board permits a complete checking of the Ups main parameters and the load applied to it; with the possibility to receive also on your  PC the alerts.
  • A complete Ups, reliable, adaptable with high performance that thanks to its modular system allows a special continuity.


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