Inverter - INV-R110-2000-BP-CR

Technical features


  • Small sizes inverter, supplies 230Vac voltage transforming it from 110Vdc continue voltage, thanks to static converter DC/AC.
  • The conversion is realized by MOSFET stage in “Full link” and with output transformer permitting the galvanic separatation.
  • In order to avoid overloads or short circuits, it is equipped by electronic by-pass that inverts on the emergency network voltage. The invert switches off, if the emergency network is not available.
  • At the end of critical condition, it’s necessary the load check and Inverter activation.
  • In the condition of “Pre-Alarm”, the invert advices BATTERY LOW while continuing to work and to prevent the complete battery discharge, if the voltage reaches the minimum limit, the inverter switches off. In this situation the operator should manually turn it off and on.


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