Power System - SE4-3000W

Modular Power Station 48V 4HE

Technical features


The power station operation is based on an electronic converter that transforms the alternated current in a stabilized DC voltage.
The converter has two sections: the first one called PFC “Power Factor corrector” and the second one “DC/DC converter push-pull type”.
The PFC circuit is composed from an input rectifier voltage, an inductor, a power transistor (IGBT) and a diode.
The second section is a voltage converter with push-pull technology equipped by IGBT transistor, high power ferrite transformer and an output rectifier.
An independent power supply dc / dc provides the control circuit power voltage and at the microprocessor, both in the network presence and absence.
In order to prevent an excessive battery discharge and its damage, the power station should be in battery mode and voltage level is lower than the 43Vdc voltage, the battery has to be disconnected from the system and the load disconnected.


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